Dart Game: Rules and Variations

dart game rules
dart game rules

Darts is one activity in which Britain excels, being a “sport” – many argue it is a game – primarily played in pubs and requiring little or no physical fitness. Darts are thought to have evolved from soldiers throwing short arrows at cut tree trunks or at the bottom of casks. As the wood dried, cracks appeared, forming sections that gradually evolved into set scores, albeit with a significant regional and international variation. Keep reading and learn more about the dart game. 

About Dart Game

The game is simple: players take turns throwing their darts and trying to hit the assigned number. If they miss, they can try again. If they do, they are considered ‘Killers.’ If they hit their opponent’s number, they lose a ‘life.’ Players generally have three lives. If they score doubles, they are called “killers.”

There are several game variations, the most common being the clock darts board. Originally, the dartboard was made of solid wood. Elm was the traditional wood for dartboards. The board is usually 17 3/4 inches (451mm) in diameter and is divided into 20 numbered segments. The board is marked with a small red bullseye, which is located in the center of the board.

Each round has a goal. The goal is to hit the highest total that is divisible by five. Standard numbers divisible by five are twenty, fifteen, and ten. Triples and bulls do not count. The first player to reach fifty-one fives wins the game.

501 and 301

501 and 301 dart game rules are similar to each other, with the main difference being the starting point value. In 301, each player starts with 301 points. The game’s goal is to knock all the points down to zero. The player must hit the double zone in a number or a bullseye to do this. A player’s score is reduced by subtracting all the points he’s already scored.

In 301 darts, the player begins with 301 points and must try to get to zero before the other player does. If a player scores more than zero, they have forfeited their turn and have to start over. In order to avoid this, the best strategy is to aim for double or triple points until the score hits 170. This strategy requires three darts and can make a game very competitive.

The classic set-up for 501 and 301 darts involves players getting on the board by landing a double. The player may also decide to skip the double requirement and start with 301 points. The points a player scores on the board are deducted from the total score, deducted by the number of points he scores with his darts.

Around the Clock

Around the Clock in the dart is not your ordinary game. Its rules are unusual, but they can make the game more exciting. In some variations, an Underdog can win the game with impressive triples. For the most part, the goal is to hit each number once. However, if you are an advanced player, you can try to increase the difficulty level by adding doubles and triples.

The first player starts the game by hitting number one with his dart. Then, the play moves to the next dart. Repeat this process until all three darts are hit. If you hit all the numbers, you win. If you have no idea about the rules, you can use the Around the Clock stats sheet provided by Dart’Agnan.

Players can also practice their technique with Around the Clock. Proper technique involves good stance, grip, and a proper throwing motion. For this, you can refer to articles or watch videos on the subject. Around the Clock is also a good practice game for beginners as it allows you to hit all numbers and identify which ones are troublesome for you. In addition to playing against other players, you can also play Around the Clock alone to improve your skills.


The basic game rules of cricket darts are the same as those of cricket. Upon receiving a dart, the player must call out a number and then throw the dart. If the player misses, they will receive no points. The first team to close all of the numbers wins.

Cricket darts are one of the most popular games and are often played in bars. This game features simple rules and is great for beginners. The objective is to score as many points as possible by hitting the numbers fifteen through 20 and the bullseye. This type of dart offers a balance of ease and challenge, and it is perfect for a laid-back night out with friends.

Players may join forces to eliminate the other player. A solo game of cricket is also a fun way to practice throwing darts. The outer ring of the Bull is worth 25 points, while the inner circle (the Bull’s eye) is worth 50 points. Depending on the situation, the other team captain may deviate from this rule.

English Cricket

The English Cricket dart game rules are similar to those of cricket. Players throw a dart at a target marked on the board. If the dart hits the target, two points are scored. If it hits the outer ring, one point is scored. Points are also added if the opponent hits the closed number.

The English Cricket dart game is one of the most popular types of darts. It tests the precision and accuracy of players. Unlike normal dart games, the English Cricket dart game does not use all of the numbers on the dartboard. Instead, players use the numbers that score the highest. The game rules are simple and straightforward.

Players must first open a number. Then, each player has three chances to close it. Each player starts with 40 points. The next step is to choose a number to throw. Most players will begin with the number 20. The first player to hit a number gets the cork. If the player throws last, the other player may take their turn.


The Killer dart game rules can vary depending on the players’ skill level and preferences. It is best played with four to six players. Players may form alliances if they feel that they have the better darts. In addition to the game’s basic rules, dozens of variations are available.

Players start with zero points and must reach five in order to become a killer. A kill is defined as a player who scores at least five lives or five points if they score in the triple or treble. If a player overshoots the number, the player will lose one life.

One way to make the game more equitable is to increase the number of lives. The weaker players are generally given three lives, while the stronger players have more. Increasing the lives of the weaker players would make the game more even and less unfair.

Dart Game Tips

Players start each round by accumulating as many points as possible. In general, it’s best to try to target numbers like 20 or 19, as these tend to add up quickly. A new player’s goal is to make triples, and they should aim to make them whenever possible. It’s also important to remember that a double, below, or above your target can earn you extra points.

One tip to keep in mind when playing this game is always to have a chalkboard nearby. You can have numbers like 15 through 20 written on it or use a small whiteboard to record the scores of each player. You can also have someone else keep score. This person must stay silent and not distract the players while they are taking turns, and must verify each player’s scores before they are pulled.

A player has three chances to make a hit. A player can earn points by hitting a white spot on the board. The point that is earned is either added to the player’s score or deducted. If the dart hits a ring on the board, it earns two or three times the number it hit. A player can also earn points by hitting the bullseye. The center of the bullseye is worth 50 points, and any number surrounding it will get them at least one point.


Darts is a popular sport played worldwide. The aim of the game is to hit a dart that lands on a number. The player or team wins the game if the dart lands on zero. There are many variations of darts. Some of the more popular games include 301, 901 and 501. The starting point is always 01. 

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